The Fuel Technology Division of the Engler-Bunte-Institut with the associated Chair of Fuel Process Engineering is focused in research and teaching on the process specific characterization of fossil fuels and biofuels and the process technology for conversion and conditioning of these fuels.


Teaching and research concentrate on the utilization of chemical energy carriers / fuels for a sustainable energy supply.


Courses and labs provide a profound basis and understanding of process engineering and chemistry of fuel conversion technology. The mandatory courses taught by the Faculty of Chemical and Process Engineering give a sound basis for the major subjects and their respective electives. The major subjects offered by EBI Fuel Technology are:

  • Technology and Chemistry of Fossil and Renewable Fuels
  • Environmental Engineering - Fuels, Combustion and Environment

Research and Development:

R&D work is focused on

  • Fossil and biofuels
  • Process specific characterization of fuels
  • Process technology for fuel conversion and conditioning, in particular at high pressure.

Further key activities are new biofuels, the syntheses of new fuels and the utilization of chemical energy carriers / fuels as energy storage.

Research at Engler-Bunte-Institut is closely linked to the R&D activities of the Gasification Technology Department at the Institute for Technical Chemistry (ITC) at Campus North. R&D activities of ITC are oriented towards entrained flow gasification at high pressure. The close cooperation between EBI Fuel Technology and ITC Gasification Technology offers additional benefits for the training and education of students through the pilot-size R&D facilities operated at Campus North.

The Gas Technology Department of the DVGW Research Center, which is affiliated to EBI, is focused on technical processes and technologies for gas production, distribution and utilization.