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“Energy Flows, Material Cycles and Global Development – A Process Engineering Approach to the Earth System”, 2nd Ed., Springer 2016.

The book presents an approach to understand potential perturbations of natural cycles caused by human activities, and to assess the guidelines for the future energy supply. It is based on a university course that has been held for many years and written with a chemical engineering background although also accessible for non-expert readers.

The new edition is motivated by important new developments since the first publication of the book (2010):
(i) significant increases in anthropogenic energy and material flows due to economic growth in significant parts of the world, (ii) changes in energy policy in some countries, e.g. in Germany after the accident in the nuclear power plant in Fukushima, with goals defined and measures initiated for a future energy supply without nuclear and fossil sources, (iii) cheap fossil energy sources like shale gas, which create temptations to forget about energy saving.

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