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1. Methanol-conversion on zeolites, 2. Fischer-Tropsch synthesis, 3. HDS-, HDN-, HDO-reactions in liquid fuel refining, 4. Hydrocracking of saturated hydrocarbons, 5. Gas chromatography for petroleum chemistry, 6. Diesel-engine exhaust pollutants, 7. Catalytic cracking of paraffins, 8. Continuous gas chromatography, 9. Oil shale pyrolysis, 10. Miscellaneous

1. Methanol conversion on zeolites

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2. Fischer-Tropsch synthesis

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3. HDS-, HDN-, HDO-reactions of liquid fuel refining

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4. Hydrocracking of saturated hydrocarbons

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5. Gas chromatography for petroleum chemistry

Time resolved selectivity in catalytic petroleum chemistry
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6. Diesel-engine exhaust pollutants

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7. Catalytic cracking of paraffins

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8. Continuous gas chromatography

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9. Oil shale pyrolysis

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10. Miscellaneous

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