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N. N.

ORCID ID: 0000-0002-7593-9202
SCOPUS ID: 56503049200
Researcher ID: A-6593-2015
Google Scholar: FzdshLIAAAAJ

Three-phase methanation: CO2 methanation reaction kinetics and transient behavior of a slurry bubble column reactor

The gas grid utilization for the indirect storage of electric energy from renewables like wind or solar energies (Power-to-Gas) is a promising way to tackle the issues related to energy storage. Currently there is no better alternative than Power-to-Gas regarding storage density and capacity. The Power-to-Gas process consists of two steps. First, H2 is produced through water electrolysis when excess electricity is available. Then, H2 can react with CO or CO2 to CH4 and H2O in a three-phase methanation reactor which is particularly suited for the Power-to-Gas dynamic process conditions. The implementation of such a reactor at industrial scale strongly depends on the determination of the reaction kinetics.

Research focus:

  • Measurement of the methanation reaction kinetics in a slurry reactor
  • Determination of the liquid phase influence on the methanation reaction kinetics
  • Modeling of a three-phase slurry bubble column methanation reactor
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